Welcome to Franklin Rae PR

Franklin Rae is one of the UK’s top PR agencies, delivering exceptional and innovative campaigns for companies and individuals from around the world within the media and entertainment sector. Creative, vibrant and ambitious, Franklin Rae is committed to being a centre of excellence for communications – devising and delivering dynamic communications across all platforms for content, for on-screen talent, industry executives, innovative start-ups and established global names.

How we do it

Firstly we listen. Your business is successful and you want people to know that. PR is not about boasting, every communication has a purpose. The world is a noisy place, and perception is everything. The team at Franklin Rae will listen to your ambitions and help you reach them. Whether it’s raising profiles – be it for talent, business growth, programme publicity or increasing international outreach. Whatever you want to say, we will help you say it in the very best way, to the people you want to say it to, at the right time.

Your creativity. Your experience. Your talent.

Some of our valued clients

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