The role of PR in helping to build a brand and sustain its market position is becoming an increasingly bigger part of the marketing and advertising mix.

Growing a brand is much more than just selling a product or delivering a service. It requires strategic marketing and communications efforts to facilitate a positive relationship with the brand’s target market, as well as other key stakeholders.

As consumers’ grow more fussy with their buying habits and subconsciously develop a spoilt for choice attitude, the emotional expectations of brands inherently increase for consumers. This is where PR becomes integral in connecting the two, shaping and moulding public perception. 

Brand personality

PR is instrumental in identifying the brand’s personality and key messages in order to develop a strategy that will empower the brand to connect emotionally with audiences. These can include harnessing influencers, securing journalists and bloggers as supporters, as well as consumers and employees. The ultimate goal of PR is to increase brand awareness, promote brand development and position the brand’s spokespersons as thought leaders or pioneers. Not forgetting it’s role in managing the brand’s reputation.

Building audiences

Ultimately PR has the means to reach target audiences and unlock new ones. Building awareness for a brand through word of mouth channels and ‘earned media’ is achieved across traditional and new media channels and platforms. PR enables a brand to connect with audiences by effectively telling the story behind the company, brand or product.

Brand growth

Thinking about engaging PR as part of the brand’s growth strategy? It’s important to remember that while PR can generate a measured increase in publicity and brand awareness, the success of a good PR strategy is judged by whether it assists the company in meeting its business objectives. Whether that’s about diversifying the brand’s audience, making an impact overseas or competing in a particular market.

At FR, we’ve had the privilege to launch diverse brands from eco-friendly mother and baby brand, Kit & Kin, to global film streaming service FilmStruck Curzon – each with their own story to tell. Check out some of our case studies to see how we’ve helped brands to reach their audiences and create an impact in their industry.

By Anoushka Awad, Account Director, Franklin Rae