Get to know Franklin Rae

Franklin Rae is an award-winning London based PR Agency with a global reach. For over a decade we have worked with some of the world’s most ambitious and well-known names in media, entertainment and media innovation.

Franklin Rae is renowned for delivering innovative, exciting corporate and consumer campaigns for our clients. Creative, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable in our field, Franklin Rae is a hub of excellence for professional PR – because we don’t just do a job, we love what we do and we make a difference.

Whether it’s communicating a corporate strategy, premiering a film, launching a TV series or product range, crisis management, social media campaigns, organising events, devising a thought leadership seminar or creating a consumer audience for content, Franklin Rae is an agency that can be trusted to deliver.

From Toronto to Tel Aviv and Tokyo, Franklin Rae’s unrivalled industry network, partners and reach means our clients can reach the right audience in the right way at the right time.

Frankly Speaking

The media industry is in a permanent state of evolution, Franklin Rae puts together regular Round Table events where leading industry figures and influencers frankly discuss and debate the issues currently facing the media, content and entertainment sectors – and the challenges and opportunities these potentially produce. The topics range from Diversity to how to identify the right time to take investment, to the impact of Brexit. Follow our blog to find out about past and future Round Tables.

Rae's The Bar

Franklin Rae’s casual networking events take place regularly. We’re lucky enough to work in one of the most creative industries with the most interesting people. Our extensive network enables us to pull these brilliant people together for a fun social evening that’s always inspiring and entertaining – and helps our clients make even more connections.

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