This month, we’re turning the press spotlight on John Elmes, Senior Reporter at C21Media to hear more about what’s making waves in the TV industry.


What are you writing about at the moment?

“I’m in the middle of writing some pieces on the technological developments which may (or may not) revolutionise the TV industry. VR and AR are a significant part of this conversation, so if you have insight into either, drop me a line.”

What are the headlines everyone’s talking about at the moment?

“It seems like the whole TV world has been writing about ‘consolidation’ in recent months, thanks to the Disney-21st Century Fox deal at the end of 2017 and the Viacom-CBS talks this year. Elsewhere, column inches tend to be filled by the latest movement in the digital players’ arms race to be the global superpower – which, ironically, tends to lead to stories about consolidation. Who of the FAANGs is going to be top of the pile, and who will be left behind are the questions on a lot of people’s lips.”

What is your biggest frustration as a journalist?

“It depends on the audience I guess! Most of my frustrations stem from being scooped or not being able to stand a story up. Thankfully I work with a great bunch internally and externally, which means these irritations are few and far between. People not getting back to me with journalistic requests is another bugbear, but I’m guilty of that, so am painfully aware of my own hypocrisy…”What are you watching at the moment?

What are you watching at the moment?

“I’m just about to delve into season 2 of Marcella on ITV. I caught season 1 on catch-up and it was brilliant, so am planning to watch the second run linearly. Elsewhere, Mindhunter, Suburra – La Serie and Fargo have been compulsive viewing on Netflix. I’m also eagerly awaiting the documentary series Flint Town on Netflix too. It drops on March 2nd, so not long to go now.”