Building and sustaining business presence

The Comms Challenge

Our data specialist client Solidatus is a business on a mission. Last year saw it rapidly grow, scale into new industry sectors, and announce its most significant company news ever. It had never actively championed its profile before as a business on an ongoing basis and needed a PR agency which could rapidly adapt to its needs as a quickly evolving tech business, and an informed partner on data management operations for a range of industry sectors. 

What We Did

The Franklin Rae team built solid relationships between Solidatus and a range of financial services, fintech and business titles, capitalising on the platform’s unique approach in the data management space.

Our sustained campaign tapped into core themes in the news agenda for Solidatus to present its executive viewpoints on key business growth areas – regulation, business compliance, and effective management of data as a critical organisational asset for some of the world’s biggest and most complex companies.

We also developed dedicated campaign plans for every company news announcement, identifying it as the best way to communicate the significant growth milestones in the company’s expansion, which has been essential in helping them to gain  business recognition with new audiences.   

By fusing these tactics with business profiling opportunities and interviews – including detailed thought leadership articles showcasing its expertise on data management and compliance and ensuring their news reached all the right audiences – the Franklin Rae team has delivered an ongoing media profile for a growing company that helps the right people understand just who Solidatus is, and precisely what sets their solution apart in the market.

The Results

70+ articles in target press in 2020 across news, interviews, podcasts, authored articles and commentary.

Potential audience reach of over 37 million people

Coverage included dedicated support in Asia, assisting its local office, and in the US as a key market.


Social sensation to worldwide wonder – the Ōma Cinema

The Comms Challenge

Taking the concept of a stunning new way to rethink the cinema auditorium experience to a global audience – against the backdrop of one of the toughest years ever experienced in the industry.

What We Did

Following a carefully chosen kick-off consumer feature placement for the first visuals of the Ōma Cinema with the Daily Mail, the idea took root in social media, spreading through numerous movie fan forums, use as a backdrop on TikTok, Reddit, massive Twitter likes and shares (including an awed retweet by Hollywood director Ava DuVernay) and well beyond…

We fed this astonishing social media response back into our press engagement. By actively seeding the images, the social media buzz and the unique Ōma style out to the world’s media we were able to give the cinema industry some positive news for a future beyond Covid, while also keeping film fans excited about how the silver screen can live and take their breath away once more.

The Results

Our initial approach promoting the concept of its cinema design resulted in huge social engagement (65,000+ likes on Reddit and 40,000 on Twitter).

We leveraged this profile to build a sustained trade/consumer PR campaign which has so far yielded over 80 articles globally, from CNBC in the US, Empire in the UK and Australia, and Gulf News in the UAE.

It has reached a potential audience of over 2 billion motivated movie fans.


Issues led PR positioning: Creating a voice for Direct Line Group around Neurodiversity in the workplace


The Comms Challenge

As part of an ongoing brief to profile the team at Direct Line Group, TMF worked with the business’ internal comms, HR and marketing teams to develop an ongoing platform around neurodiversity in the workplace.

What We Did

Developed a perspective in conjunction with internal DLG stakeholders to champion access to employment for people with dyslexia, ADHA, Autism and other neurodivergent conditions – based on the positive side of these conditions, rather than their downsides

Spearheaded by Mark Evans, Managing Director of Marketing & Digital, the campaign encapsulated championing the neurodivergent cause throughout a number of industry associations and platforms, including the Advertising Association, Marketing Society and Creative Equals

Taking the issue beyond the creative industry, national business and broadcast opportunities were identified and developed to extend the call for change beyond a single sector

Direct Line’s own neurodiverse staff and workforce were encouraged to tell their own stories and be involved in the press campaign

What Happened 

Direct Line is regularly recognised not only as a leading and inclusive business supporting a neurodiverse workforce, across a range of platforms including industry and business events and a range of media

Mark Evans is regularly approached to speak by bodies such as the British Dyslexia Association to contribute to external comms

15 dedicated articles in 2019 along as part of the wider Direct Line Group brief, with a clear leading commentator role for Mark Evans as a thought leader.


Data-fuelled news generation: SEMrush

The Comms Challenge 

SEMrush is a global trusted data provider, whose main service is online analytics to help businesses market effectively. Its comms strategy globally is to showcase the data analytics behind its responsive offering through ongoing news generation, which requires a strong national news focus to showcase the flexibility, insight and trusted nature of its data.

What We Did

To effectively position them as a contender alongside other UK data and research providers, TMF work with SEMrush on a global and national level to identify strong news angles and interesting perspectives to investigate through a news led approach.

The agency is also working daily to build strong relationships with data journalists, features editors and news reporters to showcase how SEMrush online data differs from typical research analytics, and underline how responsive the service can be to support development of news stories and features, by showcasing trends in action in the online world.

What Happened 

SEMrush is featured in a monthly basis in top tier national and international media, with a strong focus on the flexibility and accuracy of its data provision to showcase consumer trends in action.

SEMrush has been interviewed on the BBC in association with these news stories, and a continual base of awareness and authority for the business and the trusted nature of its data is communicated to a wide range of industries and markets.

In just one month (January 2020), SEMrush coverage reached nearly 150m people online, with 23 pieces of coverage based on their data analytics alone


Campaign amplification: Chur-Chill brand refresh

The Comms Challenge 

To successfully relaunch the creative campaign for Churchill Insurance, which hinged on an update of its beloved and iconic brand mascot Churchie the bulldog.

What We Did

With a focus on campaign amplification in the B2B trade space and beyond, TMF coordinated conversations between parent Direct Line Group and ad agency Engine

Ensured messaging in line with DLG Q&A document and that the update of longstanding brand mascot was seen in a positive light

Highlighted the innovative nature of new CGI Churchie as opposed to old puppet version

Ensured communication of core brand promise – the frictionless and easy brand experience which allows customers not to worry about insurance cover – they can ‘chill’

Supported creative launch with in-depth media interviews with brand managers to ensure long-tail of brand value from new campaign

What Happened 

Result far exceeded client expectations. Coverage to date stands at 49 articles showcasing the new creative and brand promise, across national,

regional, media and marketing trade titles.

These articles achieved an estimated 875k estimated coverage views, across a reader audience of over 590m 

The campaign relaunch has delivered so far an est. AVE of over £3.5m (and counting…)