TV Programme Publicity: Firecrest Films & Channel 4’s Supershoppers

The Comms Challenge

Drive viewers to the new money-saving series, by drawing the media’s attention to the 3 special episodes – ‘How To Halve Your Supermarket Bill’, ‘How to Save £1000 Online’, and ‘Christmas Sales: Supershoppers Special

What We Did

Targeted a wide range of consumer press including: National newspapers and supplements (print and online), weekly TV magazines, consumer lifestyle magazines, online TV and entertainment press & broadcast media outlets.

Working with the talent, producers and the programme assets – a dedicated Programme Information release (PI), screeners, stills and script excerpts – we led an intense media relations campaign over 3 months pitching content, consumer interest angles and interviews to all relevant press.

What Happened

Our results exceeded the original client KPIs

The coverage we secured for this series of 3 specials over 130 pieces of coverage in total and included:

  • 130+ pieces of coverage in print and online press
  • 6 x talent interviews in national press
  • 5 x TV listings magazine highlights
  • 1 x piece of broadcast press

Issues led PR positioning: Creating a voice for Direct Line Group around Neurodiversity in the workplace


The Comms Challenge

As part of an ongoing brief to profile the team at Direct Line Group, TMF worked with the business’ internal comms, HR and marketing teams to develop an ongoing platform around neurodiversity in the workplace.

What We Did

Developed a perspective in conjunction with internal DLG stakeholders to champion access to employment for people with dyslexia, ADHA, Autism and other neurodivergent conditions – based on the positive side of these conditions, rather than their downsides

Spearheaded by Mark Evans, Managing Director of Marketing & Digital, the campaign encapsulated championing the neurodivergent cause throughout a number of industry associations and platforms, including the Advertising Association, Marketing Society and Creative Equals

Taking the issue beyond the creative industry, national business and broadcast opportunities were identified and developed to extend the call for change beyond a single sector

Direct Line’s own neurodiverse staff and workforce were encouraged to tell their own stories and be involved in the press campaign

What Happened 

Direct Line is regularly recognised not only as a leading and inclusive business supporting a neurodiverse workforce, across a range of platforms including industry and business events and a range of media

Mark Evans is regularly approached to speak by bodies such as the British Dyslexia Association to contribute to external comms

15 dedicated articles in 2019 along as part of the wider Direct Line Group brief, with a clear leading commentator role for Mark Evans as a thought leader.


Data-fuelled news generation: SEMrush

The Comms Challenge 

SEMrush is a global trusted data provider, whose main service is online analytics to help businesses market effectively. Its comms strategy globally is to showcase the data analytics behind its responsive offering through ongoing news generation, which requires a strong national news focus to showcase the flexibility, insight and trusted nature of its data.

What We Did

To effectively position them as a contender alongside other UK data and research providers, TMF work with SEMrush on a global and national level to identify strong news angles and interesting perspectives to investigate through a news led approach.

The agency is also working daily to build strong relationships with data journalists, features editors and news reporters to showcase how SEMrush online data differs from typical research analytics, and underline how responsive the service can be to support development of news stories and features, by showcasing trends in action in the online world.

What Happened 

SEMrush is featured in a monthly basis in top tier national and international media, with a strong focus on the flexibility and accuracy of its data provision to showcase consumer trends in action.

SEMrush has been interviewed on the BBC in association with these news stories, and a continual base of awareness and authority for the business and the trusted nature of its data is communicated to a wide range of industries and markets.

In just one month (January 2020), SEMrush coverage reached nearly 150m people online, with 23 pieces of coverage based on their data analytics alone


Campaign amplification: Chur-Chill brand refresh

The Comms Challenge 

To successfully relaunch the creative campaign for Churchill Insurance, which hinged on an update of its beloved and iconic brand mascot Churchie the bulldog.

What We Did

With a focus on campaign amplification in the B2B trade space and beyond, TMF coordinated conversations between parent Direct Line Group and ad agency Engine

Ensured messaging in line with DLG Q&A document and that the update of longstanding brand mascot was seen in a positive light

Highlighted the innovative nature of new CGI Churchie as opposed to old puppet version

Ensured communication of core brand promise – the frictionless and easy brand experience which allows customers not to worry about insurance cover – they can ‘chill’

Supported creative launch with in-depth media interviews with brand managers to ensure long-tail of brand value from new campaign

What Happened 

Result far exceeded client expectations. Coverage to date stands at 49 articles showcasing the new creative and brand promise, across national,

regional, media and marketing trade titles.

These articles achieved an estimated 875k estimated coverage views, across a reader audience of over 590m 

The campaign relaunch has delivered so far an est. AVE of over £3.5m (and counting…)


Leadership narrative: Direct Line Group

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The Comms Challenge 

Public relations is about much more than a press release. As an integral part of our media & marketing campaigns, we make sure to spotlight the business and its key spokespeople, to build ongoing credibility and trust in the company, its authority, and its areas of specialism.

What We Do

We work closely to get under the skin of our clients, so we can suggest just as many ideas and themes to them to achieve their objectives, as they feedback to us.

We ensure that any and all communications relate back to at least one core business objective, rather than generating media exposure for its own sake. Every article takes clients a step closer to where they want to be.

We interview our clients and take away the burden of expecting them to drop their day jobs to write articles for us – instead providing authored, authoritative and on-brand copy which effectively communicates their messages – while also being well received by press and target audiences.

We make sure our clients put their best feet forward!

What Happens 

Through business profiling, we have seen the following results:

A client was approached, and sold, her business

A client walked into a new business meeting to find the prospect holding a stack of their recent press articles

A client’s new business agency is able to follow up with on-brand, sector specific examples of the client discussing topical issues for their prospect pool

Clients have factored the business exposure into plans for their own sales

Clients’ staff are reminded they work for successful businesses, with a voice in the market, and encouraged to build their own profiles – encouraging retention