In the Media Hot Seat | Lucinda Kingham, Comms Consultant, Franklin Rae

What’s your proudest PR moment (to date!)

When myself and my team managed to secure a broadcast interview on CNBC for an engineering simulation client. They had been tricky to pitch as the technology was very niche, but with a lot of dedication and a good hook we managed to secure a national broadcast opportunity!

Biggest learning curve?

Due to the current pandemic, I’ve had to adapt and flex my skill set to ensure that I can remain relevant and successful in the comms industry. This situation has certainly taught me a lot about the skills I possess and the ones that I need to continue to develop 

What makes you excited about PR?

The unpredictability of the job – one day you might be writing a byline on cloud technology and the next you’ll be staffing a national press briefing for the launch of a new product

What’s your dream client

I would love to work for a charitable organisation and help to spread awareness of an important cause 

Favourite TV show?

Currently, I’m loving Parks and Recreation – we all need some light relief now and then

Last film you saw in the cinema?

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Biggest advocate of…?

Having passions outside of work. Sometimes we become so focussed on work that we forget to disconnect and enjoy our lives outside of work. I’m a huge theatre lover and participate in amateur dramatics – it’s my version of switching off and having fun. 

Tea or coffee?

Coffee – an oat milk latte with an extra shot to be precise 

Cats or dogs?


Staying in or going out?

Going out (when we’re allowed, of course)