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Issues led PR positioning: Creating a voice for Direct Line Group around Neurodiversity in the workplace


The Comms Challenge

As part of an ongoing brief to profile the team at Direct Line Group, TMF worked with the business’ internal comms, HR and marketing teams to develop an ongoing platform around neurodiversity in the workplace.

What We Did

Developed a perspective in conjunction with internal DLG stakeholders to champion access to employment for people with dyslexia, ADHA, Autism and other neurodivergent conditions – based on the positive side of these conditions, rather than their downsides

Spearheaded by Mark Evans, Managing Director of Marketing & Digital, the campaign encapsulated championing the neurodivergent cause throughout a number of industry associations and platforms, including the Advertising Association, Marketing Society and Creative Equals

Taking the issue beyond the creative industry, national business and broadcast opportunities were identified and developed to extend the call for change beyond a single sector

Direct Line’s own neurodiverse staff and workforce were encouraged to tell their own stories and be involved in the press campaign

What Happened 

Direct Line is regularly recognised not only as a leading and inclusive business supporting a neurodiverse workforce, across a range of platforms including industry and business events and a range of media

Mark Evans is regularly approached to speak by bodies such as the British Dyslexia Association to contribute to external comms

15 dedicated articles in 2019 along as part of the wider Direct Line Group brief, with a clear leading commentator role for Mark Evans as a thought leader.