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Leadership narrative: Direct Line Group

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The Comms Challenge 

Public relations is about much more than a press release. As an integral part of our media & marketing campaigns, we make sure to spotlight the business and its key spokespeople, to build ongoing credibility and trust in the company, its authority, and its areas of specialism.

What We Do

We work closely to get under the skin of our clients, so we can suggest just as many ideas and themes to them to achieve their objectives, as they feedback to us.

We ensure that any and all communications relate back to at least one core business objective, rather than generating media exposure for its own sake. Every article takes clients a step closer to where they want to be.

We interview our clients and take away the burden of expecting them to drop their day jobs to write articles for us – instead providing authored, authoritative and on-brand copy which effectively communicates their messages – while also being well received by press and target audiences.

We make sure our clients put their best feet forward!

What Happens 

Through business profiling, we have seen the following results:

A client was approached, and sold, her business

A client walked into a new business meeting to find the prospect holding a stack of their recent press articles

A client’s new business agency is able to follow up with on-brand, sector specific examples of the client discussing topical issues for their prospect pool

Clients have factored the business exposure into plans for their own sales

Clients’ staff are reminded they work for successful businesses, with a voice in the market, and encouraged to build their own profiles – encouraging retention