Mingling at MIPCom

Tessa Laws - Acuity Law

I am very excited to be heading South to Cannes in a few days’ time. What’s not to love? Mingling with fantastically creative people; good chat and great grub and ….oh that wine. I am not a great believer in formal business doing – I prefer the more casual approach and have always thought that the best deals are done when you do not expect them. MIPCOM – or at least the vibe around it – does enable the unexpected to occur and I always think as so many meetings are impromptu and there are so many people there from across the globe, that it is impossible to discount the surprise factor in your calculations in and around the event schedule and exhibition format.

The UK indie market is certainly buzzing – Plimsoll had a well deserved and superbly impressive valuation last week on the back of the LDC investment and we now have a plethora of platforms ravenous for content to meet consumers’ demand for the evolving forms of entertainment and screen time. Private equity firms are back in the independent production sector game it seems and at a time when there is more content than ever – in many formats and over many devices – and more channels of distribution too – surely many an exciting debate and conversation to be had in and around the show’s agenda and line up of speakers.


Franklin Rae continues its longstanding great reputation in content publicity and now also includes our media and marcomms arm, The Media Foundry. Plus with my specialist legal offering for the creative industry, we really are a one stop destination for companies of all nationalities, sizes and genres looking to raise their profiles to win distribution deals or PE funding.

I am around 24/7 – please whatsapp or call me – let’s meet in Cannes +447767882759 – Tessa