We have some incredibly talented partners.



Sayles & Winnikoff Communications is a full service boutique public relations, digital communications and brand strategies firm based in the US and is our partner for campaigns across the pond.

• Established in 2003 by partners Alan Winnikoff and Carina Sayles. Both partners have long records of success working with television content, production companies, networks and talent. Sayles & Winnikoff has represented many television projects, including the network / streaming services Amazon Studios, WETV, AMC, ION Television and HITN. We have represented the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame for many years. Our focus extends across all demographic groups.

• The firm provides a full scope of earned public relations outreach, including close relationships with print, digital and broadcast media.

• Sayles & Winnikoff also has extensive experience managing paid campaigns with influencers (including YouTubers and bloggers), as well as creating content marketing and native advertising campaigns.

We are brand positioning experts. Our scope of services includes collaborating with clients to amplify their strategic messaging in a way that drives impactful results and ROI.

• Offices located in the Flatiron District of New York City and California.

• Sayles & Winnikoff’s core business practices include media and entertainment products, content and companies across all platforms. Our range extends from major media companies to start-ups. While our firm focuses on television, digital brands, consumer products and licensing & merchandising, we also handle arts organizations, nonprofits, tech companies and other businesses.

•  Far-reaching expertise in working with socially relevant projects on both a local and national level.