Centaur Media Group

Centaur Media Group

The Client

Centaur Media Group plc was an old-style publishing house with a reliance on print publications. Franklin Rae were brought in to support the new CEO, communicate positive change, and enable her to deliver a positive IMS to the city and internally.

The Campaign

The challenge was to effectively communicate internally and externally an organisational restructure across all levels, and how this would create the foundation of a profitable, sustainable business going forward. Simultaneously a shift in external perception needed to happen to reposition Centaur as a dynamic, multi platform content business.

The Results

Franklin Rae initially focused on creating compelling corporate messaging and branding to reflect the new Centaur. We arranged one to one briefings with key media influencers to set the scene for the IMS, and explain the focus on organisational restructure in the business in Q1 & 2.

Franklin Rae drafted various press announcements and different versions of the IMS speeches, to be delivered by the CEO, communicating the repositioning and results to:

  • The City
  • Internally
  • The Press
  • Shareholders

The IMS was well received and managed the expectations of all key audiences, whilst communicating the positive changes within the business. Franklin Rae is now on a retainer across the whole business and its subsidiaries.