The Client

PPL is a not-for-profit music licensing company which works on behalf of performers and record companies to licence recorded music played in public, in businesses, on broadcast TV, radio and online across the UK. Franklin Rae delivered a multi-layered PR campaign to highlight the value of PPL within trade media, create goodwill among its licensees and raise awareness that licences remain a legal requirement.

The Objectives

  • Raise awareness of PPL as a not-for-profit organisation and highlight its role supporting musicians through its license fees and collections
  • Re-position public and industry perception of PPL to communicate the positive benefits of the organisation
  • Communicate the value of PPL as an organisation with a wealth of data highlighting UK music usage, through the findings of PPL’s unique People’s Charts
  • Improve awareness of the legal requirement to having a PPL license among UK businesses through targeted PR and marketing messaging

The Results

A one-message-fits all blanket approach hadn’t achieved measurable cut through in the press so Franklin Rae devised tailored, case-study led campaigns that targeted vertical sectors, integral in supporting the company’s business model. Each campaign resonated with key messages, underlining the benefits of playing music in businesses, alongside addressing any issues relating to license fee payments. Franklin Rae’s strategy increased significant awareness amongst the retail, restaurant and beauty industries whilst positioning PPL as a company that protects the commercial rights of the artists in the music sector.

Simultaneously, our 2016 PPL People’s Chart consumer campaign which highlighted the value of PPL’s bank of music data, achieved a total of 65 pieces of national, trade and broadcast coverage including BBC TV Breakfast News, ITV, i newspaper, and Music Week.

Over the duration of our work, PPL saw a significant uplift in licence fee enquiries following each vertical campaign. The company’s corporate image shifted from a policing role, to that of a nurturing organisation and supporter of talent in the music industry.