Creativity is leading out of Lockdown

As we all experience the heat of proper summer, the country around us is starting to slowly open up. You may have seen our excitement at the announcement that cinemas will be formally reopening from 4 July, with appropriate distancing measures in place. But the creative minds in media, marketing and production have hardly been idle while stuck at home, so we thought we’d digest some of our favourite recent innovations in the space from some very bright minds

Smart design is tackling the problem of getting kids used to masks

If you go near Twitter you’ll know that enough adults seem to have problems with the concept of wearing facemasks – so explaining the potentially scary concept to kids is a daunting task. Step forward, Nalla Design (recent participants in our Virtual Escape Room), who have come up with a way of making face coverings less scary, more fun for small kids. Just download, print out, cut out and your rather anonymous nose and mouth covering becomes a bear, a tiger, or a bulldog. With more designs set to drop, we think this is a great design-led approach to a potentially serious problem.

The magic of Eurovision taps into pop up radio

No-one loves an innovative bit of film or TV content like us, so when Magic and the new Will Ferrell comedy announced they had teamed up to launch a pop-up Eurovision themed radio station, to support the streaming launch of the song competition-themed film, we stood up and applauded. Not only are we partial to a bit of Abba and Bucks Fizz (well as much as the next PRs), but radio has been surging in popularity as we were all housebound. Content-led, innovative ways to support film releases which could otherwise have passed by on streaming? More please. It’s also a great way of including songs from the film to extend possibilities for the content, as well as frankly giving us all a much-needed giggle. We didn’t get to enjoy real Eurovision this year from the comfort of our houses – but this might be the next best thing.

Keeping the festival experience alive

It won’t have escaped anyone’s notice that the doyenne of summer festivals, Glastonbury, just isn’t happening this year. But people keen on replicating the experience have been taking matters into their own hands – and back gardens. With a tent, a speaker, access to the content at our fingertips and a surprisingly small amount of mud, this is homegrown experiential from people not only keen to keep summer traditions going but also eager to share that experience s far as they can in bubbles. We’re now connected as never before and the crop of virtual and streaming festivals and concerts emerging is not going to stop some outdoors summer fun. Expect this to be a trend which experiential taps back into when lockdown lifts further and client budgets unfreeze. It keeps an event unique and exclusive but also intimate and personal. That sector deserves it.