US intern Lily Walker in the FR PR interview hot seat

Meet FR PR’s firecracker of an intern….

1. What did you learn on your first day of the internship?

The basics of how you go about putting together a media target list and the importance of doing your homework to get a media black book

2. What’s been your best or biggest London discovery?

Seven Dials Market – I absolutely LOVE this place and could not recommend it more to anyone looking for a fun place to go for some amazing food and of course the shopping and stone throw away from buzzing Covent Garden

3. Which UK media title or TV programme has become your latest media obsession?

Without a doubt Love Island which my friends back home were getting into before this trip – then when Elay & Wez came into the office for one of the agency’s clients my bragging rights back home are sky high

4. What British ‘thing’ will you take back to the US?

Putting milk and sugar in my tea. I always had my tea black and now that I have stepped into the world of a dash of milk and a spoonful of sugar, my life has officially changed and I’ve never going back. Plus the FR PR team has introduced me to mince pies

5. What Americanism will you leave behind for the FR PR team?

That the word “awesome” needs to be used around the agency more often and to mimic my accent as they do so